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How to re-download DLC for PS4


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For anyone having problems with this I found an interesting topic on Gamefaqs.com



Step 1) Delete the game you want to install DLC for from your HDD along with everything else including saves etc (backup to a usb or the cloud)

Step 2) https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-us/download/list and log in

Step 3) Under the download list find your DLC you want to install, select it and make sure your PS4 is on, it will start the download

Step 4) The download will finish and the installation will fail (This is okay) LEAVE THIS FAILED INSTALL ON YOUR DOWNLOAD LIST!

Step 5) Re-install the game, go back to the install list in notifications and select the failed install, it will successfully install

Step 6) Boot game and do update (if there is an update,i think almost all games have a day 1 update)


For some reason the queue process won't work if the game is installed on your system already, I wasted 3 days wondering why it wasn't working, that's something sony needs to fix.

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So you have to delete and re-install the entire 33GB games just to download DLC, that's sound like a lot of work.

It's not that bad the install only takes about 30 secs, and it's only if you want to RE-download DLC, if your getting it from the PS store it should work fine.

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I'm having an issue with the Sound Shapes DLC. Everytime I try to dl it from the online store, I get an error on my PS4. I tried the above method, but the DLC simply will not download.... keep getting an error. However, I was able to redownload the main game from the store to my PS4. 

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What is with Sony always going backwards whenever they make a new device. First it was the pain in the butt Save data management on Vita, where you couldn't manually access the save data seperate from the game if you bought digitally. Now this convulted handling of dlc and updates for games on ps4. Why not keep things simple like ps3 had it, with Saves and dlc neatly put in their own menus on the XMB.

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