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What are your characters' names?


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The characters I made in reverse order are:

  1. The Psycho ~ Kamikaze. I've still barely used him (currently level 12).
  2. The Ninja ~ Silent Slash is my main Many Must Fall slicing & dicing Assassin. (My Assassins on other profiles focus on other skill trees.)
  3. The Soldier ~ At first I named him All Guns Blazing but recently changed his name to Free. I love it as a name and it alludes to Sol-Badguy & Axton's divorce, ex-military status (I think), and bisexuality.
  4. The 'Zerker ~ I first named him ! which I still love but I'm gonna change it to All Guns Blazing, the name of Sol-Badguy's original instant kill attack (named after a Judas Priest song). It fits the Gunzerker for obvious reasons.
  5. The 'Mancer ~ Rouletta is named after one of my own charactors, Roulette, whose trademarks include unique guns, eccentric hair & attire, and randomnessness. Gaige's skills dealing with inaccuracy and/or ricocheting also related to Roulette who tends to shoot without aiming or caring who/ what she hits.
  6. The Siren ~ One day in a dream, I was in some sort of darkish semi-wilderness where there were people, animals, & perhaps monsters, & dilapidated structures. I don't remember which I did it to, but I aimed at one with my left hand and said "Freeze" trapping it inside a dark ball of energy as it hovered above the ground. Later that day (after I woke up) I watched a trailer for Borderlands 2 in which Maya did the very same thing, using her Phaselock. (Of all the things she could've said, "freeze" was the one.) This was the first time I learned of Maya's existence or her powers. The next day as I slept again, I kept picturing or dreaming BL2 arriving at my door (as I'd ordered it online). Eventually I got up and it was there :D . So naturally, I picked Maya first and named her Yume ~ she's named after me and for the fact that I used her powers in a dream before I knew she existed.
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I wouldn't call this creative, but I shortened all their names (except 1 of them)


Maya - Mai

Salvador - Sal

Axton - Ax

Zero - Lelouch*


* named after Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass because Lelouch took the pseudonym "Zero" to hide his identity so I decided to reverse the roles and give Zero the pseudonym "Lelouch" to reference my favorite anime. It was the only name I got "creative" with.

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