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Project Platinum: Sonic the Hedgehog (*some improvements to be made 04/2024 or 05/2024*)


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Admittedly I was taking advantage of the participating status to not have to announce this until I had more time to get future updates out or a much later entry, but- 


A lot of work has gone into updating various elements of this Project Platinum, and there's a lot more changes to come despite the immense number of obstacles there's been from debut to present, especially with graphics ?. This year's plan has been to implement the ideal list of updates before the next game release, which is Sonic Frontiers slated for November or December. Some future changes include multiple title name changes, some replaced emblems' art, and 1-2 new tiers.


9 hours ago, Starlighthed211 said:

I don't know why I was downgraded to A rank when I already platinumed Sonic Origins....


On 9/20/2021 at 10:42 PM, EcoShifter said:




  • When a new game with a Platinum is released, everyone will have to re-earn their place in the Rankings if necessary. The Rank requirements will be updated whenever a new game releases.


This is a common rule in other PPs. While the rule list will very likely be updated alongside the other content, this rule has existed from the onset and will understandably remain intact~



9 hours ago, Starlighthed211 said:

can you add me back to S rank please?


No problem!

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1 Year Anniversary Update (coinciding with SF's release) ims here~


It's been just slightly over a year since the Sonic the Hedgehog PP launched. I know these PP aren't nearly as popular as they once were years ago, but with continuous releases of games and a site with dedicated and passionate trophy hunters still, in my eyes keeping this running and updated is the sensible thing to do. I was never satisfied with the original look and design, having wanted to make major changes since the beginning. There's still many things that haven't seen the light of hope day, but this is a decently big improvement made not only for a cleaner look but also in honor of the one year passing. (Even though I imagine most simply only care about the ranks, haha.) 


  • New/replaced background. (Not quite finished tho.)
  • New/replaced opening quote.
  • New/replaced introduction.
  • Minor Rules wording adjustments.
  • Letter grades replaced with the emblem rings to correspond with respective ranks. (Want to find a better way to implement them back later.)
  • One old rank rebooted and one new rank added...
    Earlier this year multiple genesis era Sonic games were delisted, and Sonic Origins (a new collection of those delisted games, reworked, plus an additional title) released. These events conflicted with requirements from other ranks, thus requiring some changes to both tiers (including gold and platinum tier having trophy count increased).
  • Updated Games section (modified graphic, new info, etc). 
  • More info added to "Sonic Says".
  • Overhauled graphics font, with every word/detail redone from scratch and using a similar but different font style.

some comparisons-

General-Info.png < G-I-bgr.png

ULF-with-rings-n-eme.png < Ult-Lif-Frm-FNL.png

GamesWSM.png < G-amp-G4.png


Cs-betr-ble.png < Clst.png 

SSR.png <610.png 

  • All emblems redone (from scratch), except one which was already redone and submitted earlier, primarily for quality purposes and to universally fit the PP 50x50 dimensions format.

some comparisons- forcing 50x50 on the old ones didn't work, as it distorted them pretty bad visually

csw2drk.png < Neo-SM.png. One alternative that was considered - SG/MD design Neo-o-CS-rgt.png

Shdw-Blk-Rng.png < Sh3-50x50.png

 Untitled.png < grd.png

 LS2-5.png < 50x50V2.png

  • Multiple new/replaced quotes, as well as quotes for all ranks.
  • General quality of life improvements throughout.


. . . Will continue to add on and improve where possible. 


Several unimportant stealth changes will be applied with or without mention over the days/weeks. (Rank spots won't be affected, just graphical/minor info business.)



On 11/9/2022 at 0:52 PM, Starlighthed211 said:

Sonic Frontiers needs to be added but don’t remove me from the S tier as I already got the plat.


Good job on that. Sonic Frontiers has been added (was trying to tie it into the overhaul update, which is why it took a few days), and your rank was "renewed"~

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Let me know where I can be placed based on what I have:


Platinum Obtained

- Sonic Unleashed

- Sonic Generations

- Sonic Forces

- Sonic Origins

- Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing


Non Platinum 100%s

- Sonic 1

- Sonic 2

- Sonic CD

- Sonic 4 EPs 1&2

- Sonic The Fighters

- Sonic Mania

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I've obtained to platinum in:

  • Sonic Superstars
  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Sonic Origins
  • Team Sonic Racing

Games I've 100% with no platinum:


  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2
  • Sonic The Fighters

I think this means I would be in the hero tier : )

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Time for a new bonus tier promotion (it took me a few months to update here but oh well, better late than never) but I got the Plat for Team Sonic Racing a few months ago, so with already having both the Sonic and SEGA All Stars and the PS3 version of Transformed Platinums, I believe that makes me eligible for Super Sonic Racer.


Will be getting Unleashed done on a few months for a milestone, so soon I'll join that Ultimate Life Form and Invincible tiers.

Edited by tomadom64
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