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Matchmaking, getting bots


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2 hours ago, foursmols said:

If I'm matchmaking and a game starts with the other three slots taken by bots, can I still progress or is this the same as playing solo?

It works just fine. Sometimes I haven't been able to find players for some reason as well. I also unlocked the Apocalypse Pacifist trophy this way too. Just make sure it's through campaign matchmaking and not "solo".

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1 hour ago, IXander9 said:

Is there a way to force "solo" play in matchmaking?

There was a trick on Dissidia when it was launched by changing some net settings on your ps4 that basically made it hard for you to connect to anyone so you could play vs and with bots. I wonder if you could do that on this game?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Stupid design choice to not include an option for bots only, it should come as an option once you’ve been “searching” for a minute or two. I’m grinding supply points on a stage that takes 2 minutes tops to beat, yet I’m waiting 5-10 minutes just to get into a game.

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