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Hello :-)


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I'm not exactly new to the site but I've never done an introduction so why not? I'm 17 years old from Leeds, England. I've loved gaming since my dad got me a PS1/ Gameboy colour as a child (don't ask me what age, I was a child) I am currently jobless (lol) but I do go to college. I think this site's awesome because I love getting/popping trophies. I mainly like shooters, LEGO and HD remakes (they are simply the best) Gaming isn't all I do, I love to play basketball with my friends although I am wayyy to short to slamdunk and stuff. But hey here I am :-D

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What's up Joe? Glad to meet your acquaintance. I'm about to start my second quarter of college in a few days, and I consider it as much a job as any. So even though you are technically "jobless," at least you're doing something productive -- something that you will benefit from in the future  B).

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