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Need four PS5 Controllers


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23 minutes ago, Richtoon said:

Yes very easy but I only have two PS5 controllers so I can't get the last trophy for 4 controllers!

Yes I know, I played a little on alt account and I noticed how ridiculously easy the game is.


I will go for it once the other 2 controllers arrive.


I always have at least 4 controllers for every PlayStation console in order to play 2vs2 in FIFA with friends so it’s a bonus.

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34 minutes ago, S2001drake said:

I miss when switching user would keep the other user logged in. Idk why they removed that for PS5. 


Wow, another feature they removed for PS5...


I remember using 1 controller to play as SIX characters for the trophy in Konami's X-Men scrolling beat-em-up on PS3.


Just seems like another dick move, these days getting at least 1 controller and at least 1 PS5 is difficult at the moment, but to expect people to just have 4 lying around, and controllers even on PS4, controllers are just so expensive these days, like as much as a Day 1 special edition of a game.

in a world where increasingly multiplayer has online as well as offline. Just seems a dumb requirement.

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