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How are people getting 100% in under 3 hours?


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Did they get their accounts hacked and went into GTA V and hacked the game to get to 100%? Or how did they get 100% like so quickly? 

It’s impossible to get this time, it’s supposed to take 160+ hours to get the plat & you have to grind to get to level 100 online which it takes hours or days to get to level 100. 


Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks



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Yeah, I'd love to know too.


Edit: As far I can tell those top 4 people (and possibly 5th, but the 5th looks far different than the first 4) have hacked the trophies. They all have just a handful of games/trophies and somehow complete the game insanely fast.


I'd love for those 4 who have those sub 3-hour Platinums to prove otherwise.

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I see multiple games with very suspicious fastest achievers, and with a little research it's easy to see the inconsistency of the trophies. unfortunately it is quite common to find cheaters in the fastest achievers section, especially Ps 3 games.

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12 hours ago, dev2610 said:

I am surprised, though, to see that it took us this long to notice that 1f914.png


I think you fall into the incorrect understanding a lot of people on the site seem to have. Just because you see a date and time on a timestamp on someone's trophy on their profile does not mean it has been showing on this site since then. 


For a valid example: I have several profiles on PS3s at other peoples houses that are all over a decade old and have valid timestamps. They haven't been added to the site. If they did, they would show their correct date and time, but doesn't mean they've been on the site since the date and time in the timestamps.


Another valid example: My profile is also loaded on a specific PS3 with some games that are well over a decade old, but hasn't been synced with PSN. It's got Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010, Sports Champions 2, and a couple other games. That console is in a box and packed away and I keep meaning to grab it and format it before it syncs since I really don't care to see those games I played somewhere else with someone else only to pass the time. If it did sync, it doesn't mean those trophies have been on the site since the date and time in the timestamps.


For another nefarious example: Someone edits timestamps. Again, doesn't mean the trophies have been on the site the whole time since the date and time on the timestamps.


I assure you when these profiles are removed there will be new profiles on the site replacing them with even older timestamps that certainly don't exist on the site right now.


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