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PS5 Version incoming


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  • 1 month later...
•    Experience the rain drenched city in 4k, 60fps with increased performance and graphical fidelity.
•    For the first time on console - fully immerse yourself in the city of Nivalis in cockpit mode.
•    Full Dualsense support with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, lightbar, and speaker integration.

Decent upgrades.  It's been near the bottom of my gamefly queue for a while, but I'll try it after the big holiday games.

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  • 7 months later...

The PS5 upgrade is no longer free.


There's a message at the bottom of the store page that reads:


The period for PS4™ version owners of Cloudpunk to be able to upgrade to this PS4™& PS5™ version of Cloudpunk free of charge will end on 00.00 GMT on 01.03.23.


If it hadn't been right at the bottom of the page, I might have noticed it before buying the PS4 version (digitally). Guess I'll just buy it again.


I assume it affects the physical PS4 version too.

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