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It's mediocre at best imo. It only comes with one free game and you have to purchase the rest... It's all arcade-styled games (hence the name), so if your into that kind of thing, go for it, if you don't like pixelated arcade games, I'd skip it if I was you.

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The one free game is hard and not fun IMO. So don't waste your time on this if you plan on not buying any add-ons.


I'd say get Ghosts 'n Goblins, Commando and 1942 if you want to have some fun.


Or just emulate them with your PC... Google it and you can play all these games (and more?!) for free... with no trophies.  :D

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Agree with above, among the hardest games to 100% but I find it enjoyable, mainly because I enjoy challenging games. But if you're not into classic games I'd skip this, mostly because of the fact that most games from the collection are difficult and the only free game you get is Black Tiger, the rest has to be purchased separately and it can leave quite a dent on your wallet! 

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It came only with one free game which is ( black tiger ) it felt like an erly version of ghost n goblins or I don't know which came out first. of course you had to buy the rest as a DLC... well duh! It's capcom..

the free game contain 9 trophies, I manage to get 8 of them but DEAR GOD the Retro Obsessive trophy!

which need you to clock in 50 damn hours of playtime, I salute whoever manage to get that trophy / achievement.

I believe the rest of the games as a one whole pack will gonna cost ya around $40 as far as the EU playstation store goes. black tiger is free but I don't recommend it especially if you care for your percentage in trophies.

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It depends on your perspective. If you like arcade classics, it's a no-brainer (although a slightly-expensive no-brainer - $30 is pretty high for this collection, as similar-but-larger collections in the past were only $20).


Some of the trophies are bone-crushing, though. Don't pay attention to the percentages on DLC - the gun.smoke trophies, e.g., are brutally hard. Even getting one of them is an accomplishment.

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I was lucky enough to buy this collection at a discount when PS3 and Vita games were still being offered for sale a couple years ago, at least to my knowledge.


Make no mistake, Capcom Arcade Cabinet is one of the most difficult 100 percents. There are others that are harder but that's besides the point.


Commando, Gunsmoke, Son Son and Higemaru are going to be the big rockblocks to the 100 percent. Three of those four games do not have continues. One of those three games with no continues is single player only.


If you're not adept at old school arcade games, then 1942 and Ghosts n' Goblins are going to be a problem as well. The rest of the collection can be done without too much trouble, as unlimited continues and generous checkpoints and spawn locations will get you the trophies with a little effort.


Shame this isn't on the PS4, because I'm willing to bet more people would play this.

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