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Gaming Sessions Suggestions

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I have a few suggestions for the Gaming Session section of the website.


Copy session

Last couple of weeks I've been boosting the Super Street Fighter 4 trophy "From C to Shining C". This takes quite a long time to do and as such requires a lot of gaming sessions to complete. My first suggestion therefore is to be able to copy the session to other dates. As it is now, we have to create the session, insert all the info and then open the session to insert the intended trophies. It would be great if we could just copy the session to another date and just having to fill out date/time (leaving the rest of the info and intended trophies as is). If you're worried about people flooding the gaming session page with copies, maybe you could limit the amount of sessions per game a user can have up at any given time.


This could also be helpful for people that like to create regular just for fun/cooperative/competitive sessions. Maybe a template functionality can be added, so that players can store some gaming session templates (limited number) on their accounts to quickly add a session without having to type all the same info over and over.


Edit expired session

Mostly for the same reason as the copy session suggestion. Sometimes no one is interested in a session and it expires without anyone subscribed to it. It would be nice if we could just change the date to another date in the future so we don't have to remake the session. This would only apply to expired sessions that aren't full.


Follow game's gaming sessions

If you have a number of games to platinum/100% that require multiplayer (or you are interested in just for fun/cooperative/competitive sessions), it's nice you can follow these game's sessions so you get notified what game is played and when.


Update session initial notes

Is there any reason we can't update this once it's set? Sometimes a typo is made or something is forgotten. Sure, we can add a message to the session, but some info would just be nice to have on the gaming session list/on top of the gaming session. People don't always read all the messages, most do read the description/initial notes.


Nitpick suggesion

I'd prefer the date and time to be seperate fields (maybe even have the AM/PM seperate too), but maybe that's just me ^_^. Too many times have I set gaming sessions in the morning when I wanted them in the evening :facepalm:. I then discover my mistake when the session is expired, and I have to create another one. It's just such a big list.



Well that was it :D. I hope some of this is useful to other people too ;) .

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Take a look at the screenshots in the spoiler tag below. I'm pretty sure that's what you mean, right?





Never seen that option. Do you lose this feature after a session ends? The useless lingering around is pointless.

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Never seen that option. Do you lose this feature after a session ends? The useless lingering around is pointless.


Just checked, yes you lose the feature. The fake session just ended and I can't access the 'edit session' options anymore so I guess the only option you have in those situation is to wait till the session automatically disappears.


*many days later. Yes.

If I recall correct it's a week, yeah.


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