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Kickstarter to put the servers back up.

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On 26/10/2017 at 11:38 PM, RNumbers said:

According to this site, the game was restored on the store 10/24/17 in fully functional form. Haven't bought it myself (either before or after the GameSpy closure), so approach with caution, but could be good for anyone interested.

Has anyone tried to play online at least on an alternate account?

I could be interested if it actually works.

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Looks like the servers in North America are working considering the last online trophies' achievers are from there. Anyone from North America can confirm this?

Edit: It's possible to 100% this game, I just did it myself. The problem is that anyone really interested in completing it wil need to buy the 2017's version of the game in PSN US ($10), because that's the version where the online part of the game is working.

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Update about the online servers
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15 hours ago, Nitro said:

This game got put up on the AU store for $7.55AU ($5US). I assume that means servers are up for all regions of the game.


Just spotted this in the UK store (£3.99) as well? How random, several years after they closed it down.


I just need the royal flush trophy for 100% but I don't think I'll bother. Spent long enough trying to do that about 10yrs ago.

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