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Which class is the best?

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I'm thinking of buying this game soon. I'm a fan of South Park and an even bigger fan of RPGs. I've read the reviews and seen some gameplay footage and it does look amazing.


But before I go and buy the game I was just wondering what class other players played as. What class did you pick, and why?



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I think that you mean which class :-P


I played as the Jew.  I really enjoyed the class, but I also have no experience with any of the others.  I found that my skills added the bleeding effect, which is the most helpful effect in the whole game.  Only a few bosses are immune, and it deals more damage then I could attacking.


As a side note, one of the trophies require you to be the jew, but you can get it out of the way early in a play if you wanted to play another class.

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If for trophies, go with Jew, iirc it's the only one with a class specific trophy.


Otherwise, just pick whichever, they all have their unique and ridiculous moves. Jew is probably the funiest.

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If you want the trophy, but don't want to be restricted to playing as the Jew, you can get that class specific trophy within 10 minutes of your first day.  So play as whichever class interests you the most, and worry about the trophy later.

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I played as a mage. Had some pretty badass elemental attacks, like a freezing one which applied slow to most enemies and some bosses, which is a great opening move during most fights. Most of his other skills evolve into good AoE attacks in the mid to late game, and they usually apply status effects like burning

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Id have to agree with sir bee, the jew was OP in my opinion i used Sling of david and jew jitsu. Played mage as my first character and struggled in a few places, seems like more people are immune to his attacks.


Sling of David was actually the only skill I put no points into.  Jew-jitsu was my go to attack until I got the plagues of Egypt, and then that opened every fight.

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I picked Jew for the trophy, but the class doesnt matter at all.

It just depends on your weapons.

As example, try to pick up the bow in the tower near the shittyfuck-restaurant asap. Its pretty op for the beginning (requires level3 or something like that) and deals damage over time, because it burns enemys.

I also liked the Vibrator-blade nearly the end. ... Just by using some good melee and ranged weapons alternately, you can give your enemys all different kinds of debuffs which makes the game "pisseasy". :)

I rarely used my jewpowers, because I simply havnt needed them.

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