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If you were transported to Rapture....


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Well, most of us would be killed for being 'parasites' since we are not captains of industry...


That alone just changed my whole point of view of that place! Let's say we were industry tycoons. I would probably go to one of Sander Cohen's exhibits, be scared to death by Big Daddies, and maybe splice up if I'm psychotic enough for it.

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If it were just me, I would probably get killed within five minutes by one of the Splicers. I'd know not to mess with a Big Daddy but they won't protect me. If I last long enough I would probably die of fright from the mannequins.

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I'd do the usual you know.


Take in the sights.


Watch one of sanders shows and get insight into what it would take to not be a moth.


Try my hand at investing in a company...because I choose never obey!


Then I'd splice.


Go insane.


Collect items for my friends and say things like " DANTE EVE!!" or " OPTIC AMMO!!"


Fight a big daddy with nothing more then a wrench.


Watch the whole city inplode on itself.


Then before it all ends find a secret lighthouse and travel the timelines.


Doing the same thing across the universe.


You know until time stops.


Then i'd just sit back and rest....maybe watch some MLP. :P

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