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Silent Hills, Yay or Nay?


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As an avid Silent Hill fan i feel like this new game comes full circle and embraces it's roots in clausterphobic survival horror. I've played every game on consoles/handhelds, a couple were ok, my favorites are Silent Hill 2, 3, 4. my question to you guys is, are you excited about the new direction Silent Hills is going in or you anticipating it to be bad? :highfive: (wish there was a Pyramid Emoti) lol  :lol:

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Havn't played since since the "fog" city... when I was really young.  Forgive my ignorance as I have no clue what it was called but I remember it.  My dad must of liked seeing us scared as a little kid as he bought us resident evil and that.  It looks pretty creepy and might be something worth expierencing.  I'm excited to see more scary games coming out since ps4 has launched.  It will get back to the glory days.  I feel it.

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