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Xionx´s Last Reward


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Nice collection, this must've taken you ages to make that post. So well done on that to :).


After setting up my new capture card for ps3 and ps4 i was bored , so i worked that out at WORD ..... but i had to edit every picture xD



Does it matter? Both are under EU PSN :awesome:


Nice collection, do you plan on adding something to those Platties? 

Jeah ^^ but it is always funny if someone think Austria=Australia ^^  .... im pretty happy that we dont have all the poisen animals /insects in Austria ^^.


im planning to add new platts :) at the moment im working on ehm...... 50 games? xD


Great list! But I'd love to be able to see the images w/o clicking on the link. xD


*fixed :)

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I meant to this thread =D Not adding in terms of adding new Plats but adding something (description, rating, etc.) to the Plats in this thread :D


yes i will add a short description ....why i like that game or why not ^^  but i take my time :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

after few weeks without a plat , because of setting up my stream channel, capture card and so on , i finally got a neeeeeeew plat :)   #85 DriveClub




That game .... i have a hate+Love releationship with that game ...   so many thinks i dislike .... -> dlcs always rain or night or snowstorm .... or all three .     than making one mistake ends in a restart ... and again ... and again ...

but like i said , i still love that game. it is soooooo beautyfull , and i dont really care about graphics .... but that game is really pretty .... shiny reflections on wet car .....  very nice :)


i have still a lot to do with the dlcs , but i dont hurry with that...... even if i know that some dlc events are so damn hard for me ..... (koenigsegg on wet rain day???? are you serious? )


see you soon :) next plat is coming soo (i think nep rebirth3  :) )

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Congrats on your recent platinum, and your checklist is good.


thx , theres a lot on my todo list. i want to make the list prettier with banner and so on. but i have little bit stress at the moment :) , i have to many projects running at once :)

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and one more time today :) (2 plats today hypeee *happy*)  


#86 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V GENERATION



i never finished the ps3 victory version , so this was a must have for me :)

Plutia was a nice new character in Nep world, but after frightening the cute little iffy ..... she lost some charm points in my opinion (sry satoshi ) .    I dont want to spoiler, but there is one scene .... with many Black hearts on the screen .... and other scene with 2 very cute Noires :) .

the game was very easy to plat .... only the credit trophy was little bit annoying (but compared to other neps short ).  maybe after rebirth 1 and 3 ... i should finish trophies for rebirth 2 ..... but  ,... but ..... not now xD

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so a new plat for my checklist :)


#87 Bastion


This game was really fun to play , the designe is so unique an beauty. If you see the 11 % Plat rarity you think that this game is easy ...... ok to be honest it is easy except of 2 stages . but these 2 are pretty hard . 1) the rocket launcher proving ground..... there is not really room for mistakes, because when an enemy reaches your defending points you have to kill it with rocket launcher there ... and you destroy your own defending point.   2) the last dream with all 10 idols . this one was soooo hard ...... took me 6h of trying . i failed always on last wave so the most time lost was to do all 29 waves again to try last wave.    but finally after 6h it was done (very .... very close to lose) .


@TheYuriG , you said my frustration demotivates you to play that game, sry for that , im pretty sure you will nail that challange way faster than me :)


hm whats next .... whats next .....

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hm my explanation is a little bit strange ...... i wanted to say : it looks easy, but it is very hard because of the 2 stages .... rest was easy ....... hm .... you know what i mean .... right? ^^

It wasn't about Bastion, it was about the part I cut =D

Because I'm definitely not thinking a game is easy if it has only around 10% rarity =D

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It wasn't about Bastion, it was about the part I cut =D

Because I'm definitely not thinking a game is easy if it has only around 10% rarity =D


ooooh now i get it .   No i dont think like that , but i heard it in last few weeks too frequently that ppl say "this plat is way to hard for that high % in rarity"  (e.g.many ppl say that to sound shapes) .

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What else? If you have Basty, you have to have Transy =D

Transistor =D It's been on Plus you should have it =D


(I wanted to say Neps but you have them xD)


ok transistor :)  i have 600 games on backlog , so choosing by my self is hard sometimes . :) i like it if someone else is choosing next game for me.




Good that nii-chan and buddyyy get along that well together ^_^ *grouphug*

And buddyyy from where do you get your mood? The weather is still awful -_-


my mood is very very low .... i dont stream because its way to hot to talk all the time .   but im Austria leaderbord 53 (goal this year was  top 50)  and  this motivates me ... little bit :) 

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