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An Epic Quest for Anyone: Let's Play Rocksmith (either)


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Has a few shortish sessions lately, and have done some riff practice without Rocksmith when I didn't have time to fire up the ps3. Working on mastering the main pattern for It's Time by Imagine Dragons. Managed to get up to 95% with the long sustain sections in master mode already. I can do the main pattern decent, but keeping it up without mistakes for long periods I'd still elusive. Good news is I know the whole song, so I could maybe get through it on SA master now. I just like to have the 100% first usually. 


Also been working on Knights of Cydonia and Ho Hey and continuing to improve on both. Ho Hey is pretty fun. I can play all the sections perfect, but there are several different patterns, and switching between them throughout the song still trips me up sometimes. Sitting at about 87% and rising slowly. 


I mentioned in Stricken's thread that I finally got the trophy for Temple of Bends. I have to admit I cheated and used the slide method instead of bending when I got serious with the trophy. 


I tried Hurtling hurdles yesterday and gd is that game stupid. I'd be strumming  along, then go to mute and my guy would just keep running. Then I'd start strumming and he'd jump :dunno: The guide says that game is slightly easier on bass since there are fewer strings to worry about but honestly I'm not sure it would help. Plus, when you switch paths it resets your multiplier to x1 for the new path. I'm only at x3 on that game but it's still annoying. I had very little trouble playing the tremolo game from RS original, don't know what the deal is with this one. 


I was wondering how close I was to the 'I Know Guitar Techniques' trophy so I spent a couple minutes on that. The guide says to start by playing the final section of Cemetery Gates by Pantera to get the Pinch Harmonics technique. There isn't a tech lesson for it, and it's rare in songs. Fired it up, set it to 87%, and played it in RR a couple times. Resumed the song and played to the end. Ding! Apparently that was the only technique I was missing for the trophy. :dance:


Ive recently surpassed the 50% completion mark for the game, which I'm pretty happy about. 

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Well, it's been a bit difficult going back to Rocksmith 2014, but I think I'm getting there. Have been working on Stay In by Jaws. I remember I got pretty good at it last year, but I had to start from scratch. I'm at 32%, which doesn't seem like a lot, but most of the section repeats itself, so I just have to get good (or is it "git gud") in a few parts and I'm sure to master the song. I also might be able to master the song on bass! I think I'll concentrate on this after I master the song on lead guitar.


I'm also concentrating on Ninja Slide N. All I got to say is...my poor fingertips! Got to 2 million, and I couldn't get close again. I think I might have to get close to 10x to be able to pop the trophy. And last but not least, I was able to complete 5 missions. Going to try get 20-30 this week. I never really concentrated on getting these done in the beginning, so I'm really behind.

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Good stuff @Edunstar84. I haven't turned on RS in a couple days but I've played a couple times offline. I actually dragged the acoustic out today for half an hour or so. Didn't sound as bad as I though it would. 


Mostly just practicing High and Dry, It's Time, and Ho Hey, all of which I can mostly play from memory at this point. Probably be my next three songs to 100 mastery and play on Score attack mode. 

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Got about 40 min this morning so decided to test myself. 


Fired up Its Time on Hard SA and passed with a golden pick. Immediately jumped into master mode and earned my 4th SAM song. Went back to Learn a song to see if my newfound leet skills would finally get me to 100%... No such luck there. :( I went up a whopping .3%, currently sitting at 92.9%. If I could force master mode I'd probably be done, but keeping up that pick pattern for that long without the occasional miss is rough. 


I then played My Own Summer by the Deftones for a mission. I like the song and have a couple of their albums, but gd RS has issues reading notes on such a low tuning. :(


Also hit 6 mil on Star Chords and then leveled it to 7. 


Hey, practice is practice and any progress is good. 

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Even though I haven't been playing RS much lately, I've still been getting regular practice. Spent 30 or so minutes a day practicing the songs I know semi well and watching YouTube of other people on RS while I'm outside with the kids. 


Got a chunk of time this afternoon so I decided to fire it up. Played High and Dry which was one of my favorites from vanilla RS. Jacked the mastery up to 100% across the board and earned 88% mastery first try. Practiced the final riff and replayed the song, bumping myself up to 93%.


Then I decided to give Ho Hey a shot on Score Attack hard, which I cleared first try. Failed it twice on master because the song has a lot of sections that are similar but not exact and it threw me off. Synched it up on YouTube and cleared it with a gold pick (don't judge me). 


Decided to give High and Dry the SA treatment, as that is one I actually do know all the way through. I'm 75% of the way through the song with all yellow and green phrases when my E string starts flapping around. I pause it after failing one section, try to retighten, then realize the string itself is coming unwound. :( I try to keep playing since the song doesn't use the E too much but couldn't pull it off. I'm waiting in line at the music store with strings in my hand as we speak. It was probably time to change them out a while ago. :dunno:


Hoping I can make it home before the wife and kids so I can give it another shot today. 


Played some Harmonic Heist the other day. Something clicked because my max score had been about 400k, and in the process of leveling it two times I was able to reach almost 9mil. Should be able to clean up that trophy soon. 



Edit: replaced all the strings and I think they night be a slightly smaller gauge than I had on before. It's not a huge problem but it'll take a little getting used to. I also don't much care for the sound these make so I'll try some different ones next time I have to replace them. 


Played a new song by REM this morning for a misdion and did OK. Then had get a great performance and played Ho hey. Finally broke 90% mastery and unlocked master mode for a new section, even with totally founding one if the middle sections. Then got a 50 note streak mission and played it again up to 94% now. 


Went to level Harmonic Heist and the game is having a bear of a time registering harmonics on my e string. It picked up the 12 just fine, 7 sometimes, but 5 acts like I'm not even playing a note. Even though it sounds clear to my (untrained) ear. On all 5 attempts this morning it was this harmonic that stopped my runs. I even started ignoring it and playing the one just past it. I'd get the warning for playing the wrong one but it would move me to the next cover and then I could progress. Leveled it up for the mission, high of barely 3 mil, I'll come back later. 


Then played Satch Boogie for another mission. Didn't much care for playing this song Tbh. This really sucks because the game froze during the score screen, so I'll probably have to play it again. 



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Well shit. I don't much care for my new strings. I think they're a bit skinnier than my previous ones and I'm not a huge fan of the sound. Combine that with the fact that the game had some trouble registering things accurately in the guitarcade and I'll probably be replacing them soon. 


Finally figured out how to see my mission progress and I'm sitting at about 180. Kinda surprised that number isn't a little higher but at least now I know where I'm at. I had a really bad run this morning where after multiple reloads it still hadn't given me anything I wanted or needed to work on so I just started playing. 


Went back to Ninja Slide N and couldn't get on a good run. I did level it up, but I'd be cruising along and my dude would just stop moving, or he'd fall off one side of the other when I hit the slide perfect, frustration inducing for sure. 


I then went to Star Chords but apparently today was troll day. The series of chords the game was giving me was not considered conducive to I proving my high score. A and E, sure thing. F#M and G#M, OK sure. Then it started throwing in a bunch of other barre chords as well and I just gave up for today. 


I played Use Somebody to raise my mastery after reloading the missions again. Went from 71%ish to 84%, which I am very pleased with.


I then went and did High and Dry on hard SA, no problem. Failed master twice because the strumming gets a little weird in places, and then cleared it with a bronze pick. Phew! 


All in all not the most rewarding 45 minute session but I did make a little progress. Now to get some new strings. 

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Been playing RS quite a lot these last days and could clean up some stuff in the progress.

Finally got the last two guitar techniques to gold and the trophy for those.


Today, I played the bass techniques. I started with 0x gold, 3x silver and 12x bronze (I did them once before for the bronze-trophy) and got to 8x gold, 3x silver and 4x bronze.

Most of them were quite easy actually and required only 1 try, some 2-3. I was really worried about the bendings, because it caused so much grief on the guitar part. Had to play nearly all strings one note higher on guitar. But on bass, I got 163k points on my first try today :D (emulated bass btw!)


So I am halfways done with those and I'm only one 70k song away from getting the trophy for all bass gear as well. So the DLC should be doable to get 100% for me :)

As for the main game, I only need rank 10+11, four guitarcade-games and finally get a microphone somewhere :D

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