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Easter egg in Trophies


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I'm sure we all love to find Easter egg within our games, especially those that are references to other video games, but sometimes the developers with make reference of other video games within the trophy name or its description.


Name any trophy that is a reference to another game, whether its name or in its description. Here are a few examples of mine that I found.



Fisher is the other Sam

While playing Vanquish I found this trophy that is clearly referring to Sam Fisher from the Tom Clancy game Splinter Cell.



No Drake, you can't have these.

Santa Monica studio are good friends with Naughty dogs, so its no surprise they made an uncharted reference in God of war Accession



Arrow to the Knee

I do love this trophy from Crysis 3, since this quote from The Elder Scroll's 5, Skyrim back when it was a meme in 2013.





This is both a reference to a trophy from Bioshock 1(also called "Irony" for Sander Cohan) and to the death of Andrew Ryan.


What are some of your favorite references in trophies?

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I remember these:

  • Zeus May Cry (God of War Ghost of Sparta) and Angel May Cry (Bayonetta): reference to the Devil May Cry series
  • Navigate Like Drake (Sly Cooper Thieves in Time): reference to the Uncharted series
  • Saints' Creed (Saints Row Gat out of Hell): reference to the Assassin's Creed series
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the evil within:


"silent kill" = silent hill.


the game was created by resident evil's creator and silent hill was its primary survival horror competition at the time.

i found it weird that only that trophy's name wasn't translated on other languages, which could mean they left it that way so people could catch the reference even if the word play got lost.


"master of unlocking" =  a nod to the famous resident evil 1 (ps1) line from barry.


i can't remember of any other although i know i saw more "easter eggs" in trophies

(although i think they are more references rather than being an "easter egg", since the later has a different meaning)

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The  :silver: Hangin' Donuts trophy from rugby league live 2 referring to famous youtuber Forbiddendonut87. The guy is an addict to sports games and can never get enough of those. He mentions in one of his most viral videos how he would hang himself to finally be able to play a full rugby multiplayer experience on a playstation console. Turns out his prayers were answered!

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oh i forgot to mention that every trophy from until dawn is a reference to an actual horror movie title (and the game itself its a homage/parody/satire of every horror movie, so its full of references and parodies too)
Fatal Grudge = Fatal Attraction (and/or The Grudge)
The Exorcism of Emily = The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Let eM In = Let Me In
You Let The Wrong One In! = Let The Right One In
Scream Too! = Scream 2
The Psycho Path = Psycho
The Quicker Man = The Wicker Man
Night of the Totem Hunter = Night of the Hunter
Four Daughters Of Darkness = Daughters of Darkness
Ashley Snaps = Ginger Snaps
Instant Inferno = Inferno
The Tale of The Two Sisters = A Tale of Two Sisters
The Fateful Descent = The Descent
You Opened Their Eyes = Open Your Eyes
They All Live = They Live
This Is THE End = This is the End
Don't Scare Jessica To Death = Let's Scare Jessica to Death
The Skilful Wolf Man = The Wolf Man
A Symphony of Horror Trophies = Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

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The Danganronpa trophies come to mind, a lot of them reference the Zero Escape games. There's a Gotta Catch 'em All! trophy as well.


Who Set Up Us The Bomb from VLR is my personal favourite though.

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Might be worth mentioning... this topic is kinda like the one here.


But anyway... the ones I can think of are:

  • "Bomberlamb" from Catherine, referencing "Bomberman"
  • "We Don't Need Roads..." from Velocity Ultra, referencing Back to the Future
  • "Yippee Kai Yay" (and the trophy description is "************") from Velocity 2X, referencing a classic line in Die Hard
  • "Assassin's Greed" from Grand Theft Auto IV, referencing... not sure what.
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