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Trophy thoughts?

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WOW.. those trophy icons :rolleyes: why can't they make it like All-Star Rumble???


ok.. sooo.. a lot of "first" trophies... well, at least no MP trophies I guess... I wish we could play card battle with the cards though instead of it being just there for collectibles like the medals in Cyber Sleuth...


also, checking with the Japanese list... the plat is currently at Ultra Rare, the rarest one are getting all the cards (wow... what a surprise :rolleyes:), Maxing out Tamer Level (looks like a grind) and Raising 200 Types of Digimon(obviously a grind)...


sooo I am guessing this ones going to be a grindy one... well as long as the collectible is not like All Star Rumble's... I am fine with it ^_^

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