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DLC still dowloadable?


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I had the same problem when I bought the season passes about 2 months ago - not all the downloads work if you try to get them directly through your PS4.


I was able to obtain the missing tables by logging into the PlayStation Store via PC, searching for the individual tables, and purchasing them one at a time (if you have already bought the season pass, they should be listed as free to buy). For season 5, the tables to search for are:


The Getaway: High Speed II

F-14 Tomcat

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

No Fear: Dangerous Sports

Judge Dredd


El Dorado


Rescue 911

Last Action Hero



After getting the missing tables this way, they should be available to download through your PS4's Library.

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16 hours ago, Spaz said:

Some advice: Never put a Pinball game on your profile.

Ha-ha, I did the same mistake twice (this game and Zen Pinball). And they have comparable number of trophies now that other seasons have been added.

At least I have all tables for Zen, plus I'll probably import them to FX3 at some point this year.

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