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Clubs Update DLC Difficulty


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46 minutes ago, MAUSZX said:

Probably a 4 or a 3. The hard part is to find a club in matchmaking and score a goal on them. We spent almost an hour without finding a club.



Easy way:


1 player + 2nd account (team 1) vs 2 player + 2nd account (team 2). Search game in South Africa, 11PM - 4AM

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On Xbox, you can get this almost exclusively solo but you will need 2 consoles, 4 accounts (2 main / 2 guest or backup with online capabilities) and 4 controllers, or a friend, for 2/6 trophies.  4/6 you can get just with 2 controllers on splitscreen.  If you've got a reliable friend and just 1 controller, replace the backup profile with a real person and follow the same method.


Do-able Solo w/ 2 controllers:

Join the Club! - Self - Explanatory


Better Together & People Person - Have you and your guest profile / a backup profile in the same Rocket League party and join the same club.  Go to online matches, private matches, set mutator to 1 goal to win, and start a 1v1 splitscreen game.  Score to win, and rinse and repeat another 9 times to unlock the play 1 match w/ a clubmates and play 10 matches w/ a clubmate in around 3-4 minutes.   It doesn't matter if you play with or against a clubmate, as long as the backup is in the same club as you.


New Challenger - Probably just as easy to search a random tournament and play, I'd recommend doing this.  However, if you want to boost again have a Rocket League party set up with just your profile in the party this time.  Same set up; 1v1, 1 goal mutator, and set it password protected (can literally be 1234).  Then there wil be a countdown timer of around 5 minutes.  Log out of your main profile (timer will contrinue), and you'll be booted to the menu.  Log in as the backup profile (NOT a guest this time, to my knowledge you can't compete against a guest account), leave the club to be safe, and search private tournaments and enter the password.  Register.  Then log out of your main profile again, once again you'll be booted to the main menu.    Now log in as your main profile again, ignore your backup, enter the tournament and wait for the match up.  For me, it wouldn't let me do a 1v1 tournament in split screen, so when your backup dosen't show up a 2 minute countdown will run out, you'll win by forfeit and earn the achievement for completing a game. 


Do-able Solo, but only w/ 2 consoles, 4 accounts (2 main / 2 guest or backup), 4 controllers and a copy of RL on each.  Otherwise, these have to be boosted with a friend:

Best of the Bunch -

Option 1:  Each using 2 controllers, with a friend, have both of you log in with your main profile and a guest/backup on your own consoles respectively.  One of you needs to create a 2v2 private  tournament (1v1 doesn't award MVP's) with a 1 goal to win mutator and an easy password.  Create the tournament and register, before getting your friend to search private tournament, enter the password and register (registering once will auto register both accounts you're each playing with).   If this went smooth, just wait for the countdown to run out and simply score with your main account, then rinse and repeat for the other who didn't score so you can be nice and let them get the trophy


Option 2:  This is doable completely solo, but only if you have 2 consoles, 4 accounts (2 main / 2 guest or backup) and 4 controllers (1 for each), plus RL on each (on xbox, you can play it free on GP, I think you'd have to buy it twice on PS.   On your home console, sign in as your main profile and guest in a RL party.  On your reserve console, sign in as your backup profile and guest.  Same as the above, have your main create a private 2v2 tournament with a 1 goal to win mutator and password protect it.    Register, and it'll register your main and guest.  Join with the password as your backup, register your backup (and automatically your backup guest.)  Wait for the countdown to run out and simply score with your main profile.  


Squad Goals -

Option 1:  Easiest method; have a friend join your club, and search for 2v2 competitive matches in the same party.  If your opponents both have clubs (i.e. [club tag] before their name), all you have to each do is score a goal.  The result is insignificant.  On Xbox, I earned this with two players in clubs but in DIFFERENT clubs, but if a goal against one of these doesn't work just keep trying until you get two opponents in the SAME club (it seemed 50/50 with my 5/6 friends who've got).  If either/or opponent doesn't have [club tag] before their name, you're s**t out of luck and will need to finish the game and try and find a new match.  This is luck of the draw a bit, I got it 3/3 and when I tried to help a mate out we didn't get one in 5 competitive matches.  From testing, competitive is FAR more likely to churn out club mates than casual, I think I encountered 3 people in clubs in 10+ casual matches.   Don't back out of a competitive, you'll get banned for 5 mins, 10 mins etc. the more you quit.  It's just as easy to stick with the match, else you'll be waiting in the menus A LOT.


Option 2: If you have 2 consoles, 4 accounts (2 main / 2 guest or backup), 4 controllers and a copy of RL on each, there is a method on Xbox I tried and tested on Xbox which does work.  However, it's quite inconsistent.  Set both up so your home console has a party w/ your main and guest/backup profile IN THE SAME CLUB, and your reserve consoles w/ your backup and guest/backup profile IN ANOTHER SAME CLUB.  Have both go to online, competitive, and select ONLY 2v2 and ONLY middle east.  Press Start to search on both systems at EXACTLY the same time.   With a buddy it worked 1/4 times, the rest of the time it would time out.  Using the 2 console method, it worked 2/4 times.  Might be something to consider if you have 2 systems lying around and are tearing your hair out finding matches.


Option 3: How I got it, but not the way I'd recommmend, just a possible way I want to make apparent.   After getting the other achievements, I chanced my luck at a 2v2 competitive game where I idled my backup controller.  I was paired up against 2 guys who were in both in different clubs and (even by my medicore standards) not great, scored with my main profile and got the achievement.  Your backup account will get booted for idle activity after a while, making it a 2v1 which is kind of tricky to manage.  However, getting your backup booted will not remove you from the game, and you do only have to get a single goal.  You can even try message them and plea to let them let you score once in exchange for letting them win.




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I unlocked squad goals in 1v1 competitive playlist. 


Also I just unlocked best of the bunch by creating a tournament with a second controller on my team. My boosting partner was unable to join but did register and when the tournament counted down I got the trophy without ever scoring or even playing

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On 31-8-2018 at 9:34 AM, MAUSZX said:

Probably a 4 or a 3. The hard part is to find a club in matchmaking and score a goal on them. We spent almost an hour without finding a club.

Rocket league, in difficulty with boosting in mind is a 1 or maybe a 2. The trophies this game has are incredibly easy and the ones that require any sort of skill can easily be boosted. When i went for your trophy. i got matched against my fellow booster on the first match as well. This is a luck thing but also requires 0 skill.

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Did it today with a random person from the boosting thread. Played all games online against random oppenents.  I would say 2 or 3 if you are both competent and can play ok. Im rusty but was mid plat last time I played so not too good or bad. Just average. 

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The 2nd controller trick is not working for us.  As soon as we make the 2nd controller active it kicks us off psn.  I wonder if it was patched out? 


For example, my first controller is logged in as Big_bob002.  I turn on the 2nd controller.  It wants to either take control as Big_bob002 or as Guest1.  I choose Guest1 with the 2nd controller.

Now at the Rocket League menu I have to hit options on the 2nd controller and it shows 2 cars. Except now when I try to create a tournament match or play online it says I am not connected to psn? 

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Probably because you guest account does not have a Psn Account and can't connect to server.


I did it with my account plus my son's account logged in the game with my account then logged with my son's go back to my account send invite to son account and accept the invite by switching back.


To invite to club more tricky I had to send invite the close game on my son's account lauch again and the invite was there


Hope this helps

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