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Horse testicles... they shrink.


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7 minutes ago, ResoluteRock said:

I'm a simple man. I see the title of this thread, I click.


And yes, that's insane attention to detail. Why were you observing horse testicles and comparing sizes though? 1f914.png


I heard from a friend actually but i didn't believe him. So ofc i had to see for myself =)

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This is the exact content im looking for in a wild west RPG. 

6 minutes ago, TheYuriG said:

Watching horse balls is the type of content people pay 60$ for, incredible.


now I wanna know if horse dongles also shrink in the cold in game.

42 minutes ago, Sir_Bee said:

Yes, but is that kind of attention to detail really a good thing?



yes, its the only type of content im looking for lmao

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