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World Domination glitching out


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It definitely is glitched. I posted on the EA NBA Live '19 forums about it.


I was one of the few that unlocked it on release day, after winning a Live Run game.


Just keep pounding the forums. I have a couple of PSN friends that have the same problem.


There was an update yesterday - 1/18/19 that may have fixed it. I don't want to spend the

time trying on my alternate account, but i think you guys should play and win the last game 

again to see if it's been fixed.

If they do or did fix it, i doubt it will pop automatically, so try that last game and see what 


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Another thing to add is that, because it was unlocking for people pre-patch using Live Run, you won't be able to get this by playing a physical unpatched version. Live Run requires online connectivity.

I did try to get this in an unpatched version by winning all games at a single venue, thinking it might trigger because of how random it popping was for people initially. Didn't seem to work and I'm not up for putting in the effort of going through all the games again only for it to not work. Will wait for a patch.

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5 hours ago, o7_AP said:

Can I please get a link to where I contact EA about this issue?





The Devs are on the reddit page once every few weeks or so doing AMA/feedback on Thursday/Friday.

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