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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer


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18 hours ago, DrakeHellsing said:

Much like me, I'll probably rent it once it's available to do so.


But Jim Carrey looks like he's having fun in this movie and might be the saving grace of this.


Doubting he'll return as Robotnik though (if this gets a sequel, you never know), as I think it's said that Jim Carrey doesn't like doing sequels or something like that.


He did Dumb and Dumber 2, nuff said.


On topic, I get the feeling that it would be a trainwreck waiting to happen. Video Game movies has a bad habit of being, well..... bad.I honestly think it would have been better if it was all animation instead of live action. And just seeing Sonic in the video, ugh.


Image result for cringe meme jim carrey


*Obligatory visualization, courtesy of Jim Carey himself*

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How difficult is it to get an accurate account of Sonic's features? Like really?

He is a cartoonish hedgehog and they tried to make him look human-like (proportional-wise)

Here's an edit to show you what I'm talking about:



2341842890638131 If they can't get the design right then what chance does the rest of the movie even have?

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Looks interesting but wtf is with Sonic's character design? Looks absolutely horrendous.. Would only watch to see Jim Carrey troll the shit out of everyone but still.... Dragon Ball Evolution 2.0 much?

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