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Is the game worth the download?

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Honestly, I don't think any game is worth 40gb. At least not for me, since I have a 150gb downloading limit.


I think that you should actually go and buy it though. It was a good game, and it costs around 15$ right now, so you can't go wrong.

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If you have the free space go for it, but I'd rather purchase the game (quite cheap nowadays) and save my HDD space for more games. It is definitely worth playing though, but if you haven't played the other two I'd suggest you get those first. 




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Thanks and for the people who said " are you kidding me and such" my download speed is really only at 1mb/s, so obviously I'm now going to say imn going to download it. Back to the others, I do not have any money cause I spent it all on the last of us w/ season pass.

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This game is not a 40 GB download.

You download the 4.6GB Free to play Multiplayer section first - as you need it to play the game at all.
Then you download the 12GB Single Player part. I know it says 30 something GB in the details, but once you start it its 12GB in size.

I had 28GB free on my HDD and I was astonished that it started to download the game so I checked the sizes.

I admit I haven't started it yet but all seems to be ok so far.
I will spin it up this evening to make sure all is ok.



So i spun it up this evening and discovered that i need to download the 2d movie pack, which is a further  13GB in size. With the patches this brings all up to30 gb. The 3d movie pack is a further 12GB, so all in, this is a huge title.

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As a download title I think it's waaaaaaay to big. It's a shame they can't compress it some more. Eventhough i'm a huge fan of downloading and PS+ I would get this on disc. Close to or slightly over 35GB is over the top ...

Great game though, a real must play!

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