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Hi everyone


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Joined the site about a fortnight ago and thought I'd better say hi. :)


I'm a long time Playstation player, had the PS1 back in 1996, got the PS2 in 2002 then bought an Xbox 360 in 2005.. wait, what!? Yeah, after years as a PS player I decided to switch platforms. I really enjoyed playing on the 360 and it has a great libary of games. I did buy a PS3 back in I think it was  2007 (whenever MGS4 came out) specifically for that game, then I beat it and since then its been collecting dust.


This year I just decided to sell my 360 and invest in a new  super slim PS3 and I'm glad I did! So many great games I've missed over the years and I plan on getting the lot! I bought Uncharted 1 & 3 and Infamous 1 & 2 and I bought the 25th aniversary edition of MGS4, I plan to play again and get some trophies! :) If you can recommend some great PS3 exclusives that would be great.


Being new to PS I don't have many friends on my list (they all own 360s lol) so feel free to add me. ;)

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Hiya welcome I guess I myself did kinda the same thing but I didn't sell my 360 (I like to keep my consoles for some reason) exclusives wise you already mentioned Uncharted and Infamous so I will just list a few which I played/plan to...


Last of Us 

God of War 3 (and maybe even the HD collection depending how you like it)

Demons Souls 

Little Big Planet 

Rachet and Clank HD / Crack In Time 

Heavy Rain 

Resistance series

Killzone series 


Grand Turismo 5/6

JRPGs there are tons Neptunia series / Ni No Kuni / Valkyria Chronicles / Tale Grace F 


Those are the main ones that come to mind but I am sure someone else will be able to give you a better list or add more to it, welcome again ^_^

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