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Game has been pulled from sale on PSN


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If anyone has any further info, please let me know.

The game has apparently been pulled from all PSN stores (other consoles seem fine. I've reached out to the publisher and developer and I'll update once they give me an answer, but it's a bit of a shock considering how much fun the game is. 

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It must have come back to the NA store then, it wasn’t there yesterday. It’s still not on EU. I got a reply from the dev though. There was an issue with the ratings in both territories, so it was pulled until it was fixed. If it’s back on NA, then EU should have it back soon as well.


my colleague reviewed it so I’m hoping to buy it once it’s live as it looks great. 

23 hours ago, totallycrushed said:

If you get this info from PSPrices, check the actual storefronts first. PSPrices is a mess currently.

Checked both, as well as cached versions of the page on google search. The dev did say it was back soon, with a winky face, so I imagine it’s already in the process of reappearing. They probably didn’t think anyone would notice it vanishing for a few days :)

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