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Trophy thoughts?

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Ok, bump? trophy stuffs I guess....


there was a thread and a doc found in gamefaqs with regards to this game(very useful)... it requires 2 runs to plat the game.... there is a NG+ where you can carry over your equipments, Talent points, equipments, skills. There is also a skip function, it is said that NG+ speedrun is doable within 4 hours...


so, for further details with regards to trophies...there is a point of no return, and there are some missables...


Highly Missables:

  • Everyone REALLY gather round! - the 3 optional characters are recruit-able as early as clearing Crystal Arc, so just to make sure, after clearing it, recruit optional ones. check Everyone Safe and Sound to recruit Shiki (unsure if necessary but if you are going for the plat, no harm in following it anyway)
  • Everyone Safe and Sound -  During the part where you split in 3 parties in Hakurei defense, make sure you prioritize in saving civilians and let Party 1 deals with most of defeating enemies.
  • Chaosium Gem Collector - quite misleading, you need to have 100 Chaosium at once, be frugal, wait til you have 100 before buy stuff using it. Apparently, there is also a glitch that allows you to farm infinite (takes time) but is easily missable because you will reach that part very early in game.


Somehow Missable due to point of no Return:

Only doable in NG+:


And of course, there's the Grindy/RNG related ones:

  • Talent Tyrant - requires to earn 100k Talent points, I have found the "good" grind spot in Crystal Cave and it only gives me 200-300 TP depends on number of battle links.
  • Battle Arts Meister - What is JRPG without RNGesus 
  • Sorcery Meister - Requires slight RNGesus


Not hard game tbh but might take lots of dedication and time to get the plat....

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Some bits of info that should be clarified. Killing 1000 enemies actually means winning 1000 battles. When trying to unlock arts some of them seem to be tied to weapon types or actions. For example if you are trying to learn a missing art that is a parry type you should be using another parry type art to learn it just auto attacking with the basic one wont do it. It also seems like the blocking and parry arts for the sword wont activate when using a knife, once I switched to a rapier I got them easily. Last one has to do with the spreadsheet. It says you do not need Tiggy's cannon arts which is wrong. You need all of her cannon arts except the ones you get by equipping accessories. You only need the first 7 from shot to mathematical draw. Also you do not count as learning an art until the battle is over and you win so if you awaken your last one and lose it wont count.

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I'd also like to add that Millionaire Monarch is a very grindy trophy.  Since the game is very stingy with money, 500,000 So is actually a lot to grind out.  It can be helped with the talent to increase the amount you sell stuff for, but even with that you're likely to grind a lot because very few items sell for a good amount of money.  I actually opted to do a third run after my speedrun just because between the 50k you get in the ending and then the 60k you get from the story was likely to reduce my grinding by enough to make it worth the time spent on another run.


Now regarding awakening arts, there's a few observations I've had in the process of trying to get that trophy myself:


1. Yes, you can awaken nearly any art from using the most basic ones, like Plunge, Shot, Slash, Hard Knock, etc.  I had absolutely no problem awakening the support and counter moves by just spamming those basic arts, but had very little luck getting them to awaken by using similar moves.  The only exception seems to be the sorcery final strikes from the ancient equipment which can only be awakened via using that spell.  One thing to keep in mind with the counter arts especially, that character has to be targeted by a physical attack to awaken it.  If you're having trouble awakening one, make sure there isn't someone with a hostile talent in the part.  Barbarosa comes with one unlocked, moment I moved him out of the party I got my last art, which was Return Fire on bow and I got it by using Sharpshooter.


2. It does seem that some arts may have a higher chance of awakening when using other arts.  However, it seems arts beyond the basic ones are limited in what they can awaken.  For example, you can awaken Five Dragon Strike by using Dual Dragon Strike, but if you keep using Five Dragon Strike, you won't awaken a thing (though it did do the best damage when I was going for sub ending 1).  As far as I can gather, each art has a set of arts it can potentially awaken, but only the most basic attack is capable of awakening all arts for sure.  This fact alone makes me feel that the trophy for getting all arts should be deemed a NG+ only one, because honestly your basic arts do poor damage and you need a very powerful party with the best gear possible to survive powerful encounters doing paltry damage like that.


3. As far as I can gather, each art has a stat for how much of a chance it has to awaken.  It's not so much a chance of getting an awakening, it's more that it's a chance of what art awakens.  This chance appears to increase or decrease depending on what you are fighting and what arts you need to awaken still.  The chances of awakening an art appears to be the highest for the first few on the chart and very low for the last one.  It's also very possible to go through the exact same battle and awaken different arts.  For example I was fighting the boss in a level 4 water devil den in hopes of awakening some axe and shield arts with Barbarossa and some Greatsword ones with Shiki, though I still also have some staff, cannon, unarmed and sword ones that I was trying for with my other characters.  First time I did the battle Shiki awakened Decimating Swing and Mists of Pain, then I stupidly got defeated and had to use an Order Gem.  Next time around Shiki awakened Decimating Swing and Rising Jiaolong. It was pretty clear that for that battle the chances were high of awakening Decimating Swing (I got it on the first turn both attempts, which implies the RNG for that one was nearly 100% chance), but it wasn't so high for the other moves he still needed (Mists of Pain, Flash Drop and Rising Jiaolong) so it took a few more turns before RNG favored me and gave me another awakening.


My thought is that each enemy type has either a modifier to RNG (which can possibly be positive or negative) or a set of arts that it is defined to be capable of causing an awakening for if you use the correct arts to awaken them.  I think it's a combo of both because I did accomplish getting the last spear art when fighting the dragon in the lava cave, which isn't a very powerful monster, but it took me until nearly the end of the battle before I got it.  That implies there was a chance, but it was just very low on that encounter.


Anyway, just my own thoughts and observations throughout three playthroughs of this game and trying to get my last few arts before I hit end game.  Now that I am closer to the end of the game, I'm thinking just tackling the water devil dens should hopefully be enough to finish getting all the arts since as of now I've barely touched those and the level 4 den boss definitely was enough to awaken the last art on one weapon.

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On 7/28/2020 at 8:16 AM, aimNox said:

Hi guys. I have problems about all battles arts trophies. Tiggy's arts count? And i must learn them from equipment?

And all the others arts can be distribuited on everyone?


The only arts of Tiggy's that you need are the ones that awaken in battles.  You don't need anything that requires specific equipment and I can vouch for this because I didn't get all those and got the plat.


Everything else can be on anyone and for unarmed you'll have to do that because some are specific only to Robbins and the rest are learned by everyone else.  It is easier to keep track of things though if you have one character set for each type you are working on.  I also found it easier to have one character because if you have used swords for Vivian for most of the game and then swap her to a bow because Rachel is having trouble learning the last art for bow, Vivian is going to unlock the more basic ones first.  Also with a weapon they aren't used to using, you have to burn talent points to buy the talents to increase awakening chances.  If you're going to have a second person trying to awaken your last few arts it's better to use someone who also had been using that weapon a lot.  All you need to increase your chances of getting an art that is more advanced is to just fight harder battles.  Level 4 and 5 water den bosses and the dragons from Matila's recruitment quest are the best overall since you can awaken pretty much everything from those.  The random monsters beyond the point of no return are good too.  The big thing is to just use the most basic art for that weapon because the rest of the arts can't awaken everything.  The basic art can awaken everything, including counter and parry arts.


I would highly advise though to use Barbarossa for shields.  He comes with a talent unlocked that increases his chances of being targeted and that's a huge help for awakening shield arts, but boot him from your party once you've finished his arts because that talent can block everyone else getting counter and parry arts since they have to be targeted to have a chance to awaken those and every weapon has a couple of those.  Everyone else I just stuck to their defaults mostly and had Ignace handle unarmed arts that weren't Robbins specific.

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On 10/9/2019 at 7:15 PM, POEman553 said:


Not sure, but abuse/roll back saves, critical path it, and max out stuff early. I'm sure someone has a guide somewhere from 3DS version....


NG+, so not an issue. It was EZPZ.

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