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Advice for people playing as Mastermind

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14 hours ago, LucienNL said:

The question is how to play as Mastermind. Waiting 19 minutes to start a match is insane


Mastermind on the 2nd worked. Wait times were 5-10 mins which is longer than survivor but you expect that. On the third however it seemed to break for a lot of people, I for one could never get a Mastermind game no matter how much I waited. Survivor still worked though. 


As for Mastermind. I have heard if a good team is playing you're pretty much cooked but speaking as of now, of the 30ish games or so I've had, across all 4 Masterminds, I've yet to lose a game. It's actually a bit bad as some trophies require you to get them to the third round and get close to winning and often teams are getting destroyed in the second round and some even on the first.

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