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You may laugh...

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...Or not.

Seeing this on YouTube, laughed hard and thought about sharing it with you guys :)


100 Thing We Hate About MW2 (Jump to 1:52 if you don't want to watch the beginning)


Modded MW2 Ending (the best ever)

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Tried to give this a chance but had to stop after a minute on the 1st video. Not my cup of tea

The first video starts at 1:52.


I think the comments above have saved me from wasting 13 min 69 sec of my time. 

Well, only makes sense if you have played the game, 4/7 here (including you) didn't. Or at least doesn't seem to, since the game isn't in their trophy list.


He was probably laughing at those who were about to watch it and waste their time.  Fortunately for me, I read comments before such viewing pleasures.  Since you wasted your time so I didn't have to, I'll give you props.

"I didn't watched the video but i'm aware enough to judge anyone who did because of other people's comments" Sure, that's exactly why i've laughed. Sarcasm.

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don't get it ??? o.O

The first video is about the non-sense or repetitive details across the whole game, the second is about the ending, but WITH RAGDOLL CHARACTERS!

Here is the original, to fresh your mind:

In case you still didn't found it funny, it isn't your kind of humor as my first phrase in the first post. 

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