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Which of these two games did you enjoy more?


Which of these two games did you enjoy more?  

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  1. 1. Horizon Zero Dawn or Marvel's Spider-Man?

    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Marvel's Spider-Man

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Horizon Zero Dawn and Marvel's Spider-Man are among the best gaming experiences available on the PS4. With huge open worlds, an amazing cinematic story with well developed characters, fun gameplay mechanics and a trophy list that is easy and satisfying to complete, these two games are definitely among my favorite video games ever.However, after getting the platinum trophy for both games, I would like to know what do you think?


What I loved about Horizon Zero Dawn is that the developers took such a simple idea (hunting robot dinosaurs with bows) and turned it into a beautiful world with a fantastic yet horrifying history. Aloy is also an amazing protagonist who goes from being shunned by her people to praised by everyone. The gameplay is also extremely fun. Trying to aim your bow or other weapons at the robots' weaknesses makes for exciting encounters every time you face a new variant. World exploration is so awesome as well. Even when I got the golden fast travel pack, I rarely saw myself fast traveling as I wanted to enjoy the scenery around me. The only thing I could find frustrating about the game was the hunting grounds, but with some effort they weren't too much of a problem.


The one advantage Spider-Man had over Horizon is that you simply play as Spider-Man!! The downside to that is if you really know Spider-Man, then you also know his villains. However, Insomniac was able to craft the story so well where even though you know what is going to happen, when it does eventually happen you can still get that feeling of surprise. I also love the references to the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies, and I can't help but feel they used the Spider-Man 2 PS2 game (which I loved as a kid and until now used to be the best Spider-Man game) for heavy inspiration. Swinging around the city feels so good and the combat can be really satisfying. I do feel the game can be rough sometimes, but I doubt that it's easy being Spider-Man. 

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This is a tough call for me but I would have to go with Horizon Zero Dawn. I loved both of them but discovering the mysteries of Horizon's world and its combat put it over the top over Spiderman slightly. I also loved Spiderman's combat but Horizon in my mind had a slight edge.  Taking down some of those huge machines was just so damn satisfying.

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I thought both were a 7/10, but I think I grew to like HZD the more I played it, while I felt the opposite about Spider-Man. If we're talking only about the story and a single playthrough on the default difficulty, I might give the edge to Spider-Man because I do think it has the better story, but the 100% was way more fun on HZD.


I'd also play a sequel to HZD much sooner than Spider-Man 2.

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I love both games dearly. HDZ  is unique, colorful, ambitious and epic. It had a fully fleshed out world, likable characters, gorgeous graphics, tight controls, cool robots and a badass heroine. Such a fun game 


But Spider-Man had everything I ever wanted in a superhero game. They brought Manhattan to life like I've never seen in any other video game before. This made feel like Spidey and the web slinging was pitch perfect strait out the comics. The villains were awesome especially Doc Ock probably the second greatest depiction of the character right after Alfred Molina in Spidey 2, the graphics were incredible, wonderful voice acting, sad and tragic ending, fantastic boss battles, sets up the sequel very well, the list goes on


I would give Spidey the slight edge. Both are 9 for me and I had a blast getting the platinum for both. I can't wait for the sequels! 

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