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What an experience

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First let me begin by saying that this game is amazing. It's one of the few games I've played in 25+ years of gaming that had me immersed from the start. The amazing attention to detail with the environment, the story, the gamestyle were all on point for me. 


I don't want to give too much away but I wasn't prepared for the twist at the end but damn it got me. Such a great piece of work that I've put off playing for far to long but thanks to a new found urge to trophy hunt and enjoy games, I'm so happy I did. 10/10 for me. 


If you haven't played this game then I suggest you do

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Saw it on sale a few weeks ago, I know I’m roughly repeating what has been said but yes it’s definitely better than I was expecting. I definitely got into the game once I got to the part where you may or may not be in outer space.


As always with these type of games such as EB GTT Rapture, the backdrops are awesome, it makes me wish they would make a game and stick it on top of the amazing scenery.


Anyway this is definitely one of the best games I brought in 2020. Hopefully we get something similar or better in the next gen.

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8 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:


They've had a game in development hell for years - Witchfire.


most recent claim is that it will release this year...



Hot damn their games look so gorgeous! Hopefully it does come out soon as I’d love to check this out. The shift towards action and gunplay looks pretty interesting.

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Just completed my playthrough for the 100% and was pretty impressed. I am actually a fan of a lot of the walking simulator games, especially the ones with good stories. I think I still like Edith Finch more than this but it's definitely an underrated game. Also, there isn't much buzz about it. I looked it up on reddit and the subs recent posts are from 3 years ago now. I see that new game the studio is making with the guns. That could be cool! Definitely an interesting mix considering their track record. 

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