Favorite DLC in a game and why?

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9 hours ago, Alaquia said:


imo Sam's Story is also really great, it's a bit more like Exodus itself with a large, semi-open map. As a fan of the main game, I enjoyed it a lot.

I see, so they’re both good DLCs and it kind of depends of if you preferred the old games style of world or if you prefer Exodus’s more large, semi-open map.

8 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:


I loved Sam's Story - The Two Colonels is more of a "Let's go back to 2033/Last Light style gameplay but with the new engine" - as it is a kind of throwback to those games vis-a-vis setting.

You are back in the Metro (albeit a different Metro than the ones from the previous games) which is fun, but fairly familiar in scope and style.


Sam's Story is closer to Metro: Exodus' main game play - you are in the open world, but across the coast in a different area that has been affected differently from the 3 main biomes of the main game.

It's more like, say, a Fallout 4: Far Harbour add on, (but in the context of Metro gameplay obviously,) where you have a completely new environment type to contend with, whereas The Two Colonels is more like Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea dlc's, taking you back to the style of a previous game for a bit of nostalgia.



You should absolutely play Last Light and Exodus if you enjoyed 2033 BTW - the games just get better as they progress IMO. I liked 2033, and loved Last Light, to the extent that I was fully expecting Exodus to be good, but not be able to live up to the high bar that had been set...

I thought it cleared it with room to spare.


Fantastic series of games!

I see, I’ll probably revisit the series eventually. Hoping they have good PC ports


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Ghost of Tsushima - Raid & Legends

The Last of Us - Left Behind

Resident Evil 7 - Banned Footage & 21

Days Gone - Challenge Mode (except the motorcycle challenges) 

Uncharted 4 - Survival



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I'm going to try to throw out a few less obvious candidates


Gravity Rush - great Vita exclusive (at least when it came out), and one of the first games I know of with trophy icons that linked together. It was also a good add on story, for what was, IIRC, quite a reasonable price


LBP - I'm going to throw this in as a series - all the DLC packs across the games were really quite good. Yes, LBP2 requiring a Vita was an epic troll, but still the quality of those packs were very, very good especially for the first game


Enslaved - Pigsy's Perfect 10. This might be the game that started standalone DLC story content. Brilliant pack and really deserves to be recognized as a bit of a flagship for that type of content


SR IV - How the Saint's Saved Christmas. This one was probably the craziest SR story arc ever. (When is SR V coming out already??)


Resogun - in terms of game changing DLC, this is amongst the best for really just bringing in new ways to play the game. It was also brutally hard, but was a great example of changing up the game from the base list. Honorable mention to Rocket League for their updates that again, just kept bringing new modes to the original content.


For more recent, mainstream games, Frozen Wilds from HZD, the City that Never Sleeps from Spider Man and the Control DLC were all really well done story content DLC


I will also give Borderlands a nod as a series for having one of the best DLC packs (Tiny Tiny) and arguably the worst DLC ever created (Mad Moxi's Underdome)




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I'm not really a fan of DLC - I can't think of any I've played that feel like more than an (mostly unnecessary) add-on.


The only exception is the HD and Fury pack for Wipeout 2048. It's mostly because I love Wipeout, but also because you get all the tracks and races from Wipeout HD/Fury PS3, on Vita. Actually, I think it's the only DLC I've ever actually paid for (and at full price, too). Great little trophy list, too. Casual, for Wipeout standards, but still very rewarding.


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A lot of people here already quoted most of the DLC I felt were among the best, namely TLoU Left Behind, The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine, Mass Effect 3 Citadel, GTA IV TLAD and TBoGT (the intro of Trevor in GTA V is so much stronger if you've played TLAD), Bloodborne The Old Hunters, AC Syndicate Jack the Ripper, ...


So I'd like to add some I felt were overlooked:


- XCOM 2 War of the Chosen: basically, a XCOM 2.5. The sheer number of new PC and NPC and mechanics was just awesome, it just lacked a long war mode to be almost perfect.


- Saints Row IV Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints Saved Christmas: I mean, the main game already acknowledged the greatness of Keith David like only John Carpenter had managed before, but these DLC helped me remember fondly the Stay Classy Steeltown trophy of SR3. [My "I'm with stupid" T points upward, sorry].


- Tropico 5 Espionage: what's the point of playing a banana republic dictatorship if you can't go full paranoid and authoritarian like any democracy in the 2020s? This DLC fixed it.


Honourable mentions:


- GTAO Heists: A lot of people act as if those were always there, but they were a DLC, and clearly a game changer.

- Mafia III Faster, Baby!: I had loads of fun with this one.

- Nioh 1 & 2: DLC are kind of "more of the same", but they never overstay their welcome IMO.



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GTA Episodes from Liberty city (ps3)


But i actually also like The heist DLC + Doomsday DLC for GTA V. The Doomsday is like bad boys mixed with mission impossible and James Bond, it's insane :D 

The DLC (especially Doomsday), made the online go from meeeh to insane.

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