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can I add a ps5 plus game to the library without having a ps5?


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3 hours ago, da-Noob123 said:

Yes indeed, I use the mobile app. Go to the PS Store > PS+ section > pick corresponding game.

thank you, i will do that. unfortunately I missed last month's games due to stupidity.

3 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:

Yes, I do this.


I do it via the iOS app, but can probably be done on the website too.


Can't be done via PS4 interface though.


3 hours ago, shxrpay said:

Yes, it can be done on the website aswell. Although I believe you can't claim the PS+ collection unless you have a PS5.


3 hours ago, IntroPhenom said:

I also did this with Farpoint, this month's free VR game, in the event I pick up VR some day.


3 hours ago, Nick_Scryer said:

Yep. Do it on the PS app. I've had the two months of ps5-less free games saved for when I eventually did find one :)


3 hours ago, craig_obviously said:

I do this using the app...already have Bugsnax, Maneater and Maquette squirreled away

Thank you all!

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