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Hello fellow trophy hunters. My name is Branden. I am married with 2 children living in Western New York. I served in the USN for 4 years with 2 years in the Reserves afterward (1995-2001). I went to college for Computer Science and now work as a Network Administrator. I have been casually gaming since Atari 5200. I have owned just about every gaming console throughout the years and Sony's PS3 is, by far, the best.

I purchased the PS3 with high hopes and excitement for GTAIV as I had just finished playing GTA: San Andreas on the PS2. I found it to be a huge disappointed; I gave it about a month and moved on. I have been going back to it every now and again but, still have a bad taste in my mouth.

I earned my first Platinum trophy with Dragon Age: Origins and have been hooked ever since. Well, that's about it. Thank you for reading...

See you around the site.

Picture of me at my companies Charity Golf Tournament last year.


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Welcome! :]

What exactly does a Network Administrator do?

I thought I subscribed to this thread, haha... Sorry for not answering you before!

Anywho, I actually fulfill the role of many hats at my place of employment but, as a Network Admin I set up and maintain all aspects of my company's network. Kind of a blanket answer there, haha. More specifically I handle the domain, security, traffic flow on our LAN and WAN, databases, etc. Unfortunately, I'm the only IT person currently so I also handle all the actual pc and periferal issues as well. Hope that answers your question satisfactorily :)

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Welcome to PSNP bmj14772 !!

Glad to have another fellow gamer on board. This site is proving to be quite relaxed with equally friendly members, some of whom I have known for quit a bit and have proven to be fine folks.

Hope to see you on the forums, or....better yet, online for some gaming sometime.

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