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Never usually watch the trailers or follow anything TWD related leading up to a new season, since it's still probably my favorite show on TV (I don't watch much as far as these weekly hour-long dramas go) and I'd rather go in blind... but they've spoiled so much already with...



Andrew Lincoln leaving, Lauren Cohen's reduced role, Shane coming back in some capacity (flashback, dream, hallucination, etc)... and various other smaller articles popping up in my Twitter feed.


And just now I saw...



They've announced the casting choice for the leader of The Whisperers.  I haven't read that far into the comics yet so I dunno what that group is all about... maybe it's not completely spoiled or anything, but guess there isn't much mystery in where we're going next anymore.


... so I just went ahead and watched that trailer.  Figure I probably won't remember much from it by the time October rolls around.  Looks like it could be alright, has a different vibe to it than the last two seasons now that it isn't just 16 more excruciatingly predictable episodes of Rick and Negan's back and forth.  I'm very uncomfortable with The Walking Dead without Rick Grimes though, so it'll probably take Season 9 and whatever I opt to watch of Season 10 blowing me away to keep me on board (assuming the show goes on much longer past that).  They could very well pull that off, especially with a new showrunner and a post-All Out War blank slate.  Guess we'll see.

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