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I found it pretty easy to jump into memory hunter, but I did die quite a few times. Still, it's all relative and I've done enough games that makes this look like a cakewalk by comparison. I can see how some people would struggle a bit, but any gamer should really be able to overcome this with a little patience and practice. 3/10 from me.


I agree. Patience and practice are key, especially for the fights when you're facing the invisible leapers/prowlers.


I'm learning the hard way that as much as I want to finish my desired combo (as lumphy101 said), dodging is much more important in a Memory Hunter play through.

Or any hard play through for any game, really :P

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If you're just turning on the game for the first time and jumping right in on MemHunter difficulty, you will be frustrated and stuck semi-frequently in the first few stages, until you learn the combos and progress far enough that you can earn a few more special powers and focus slots. The game will still have a few rough spots after that but, you should be trained well enough to figure those spots out more rapidly than the earlier sections. The game continuously introduces new enemies and gadgets so, the combat rarely has time to get stale.


Considering that there is chapter select and walkthroughs galore for the combat trophies and collectibles, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem getting the :platinum: and 100%.


I'd say it's a solid 3.5/10 (maybe even call it an "easy" 4.5/10, if you're a serious n00b).

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it's not hard..  like the final boss fight you can do everything with the small combo ..

just take health and the chain ..when you built up two blue bars for the power attacks en used them quickly change the small combo to the cooldown and chain to get the power attacks back in no time..

the small combo is very usefull when groups attack you..every two hits you get a hit in your back so with small combo's you can hit and dodge everytime without taking damage.

only thing i don't understand is the 8 time combo..  the chance is so small to get a 8 hit combo..and you need 40 of them..

thank god it's the last one i need.. 

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