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GameStop Winter Sale: Killzone $29.99, Tearaway $19.99, More


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GameStop is currently running several sales.  I found out, originally, because I found two of them when I was in my local shop today.  They are having a bunch of sales, including some Vita stuff.


Some examples: 


16 GB Memory Card - $19.99

32 GB Memory Card - $49.99

Killzone: Mercenary - $29.99

Tearaway - $19.99



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Those are some pretty decent deals. I don't know of I should go ahead and pick up another 32GB card for the Vita or wait for the 64GB card to release here.




I was going to say the same thing Parker... On Ebay you can get the 64G ones from Hong Kong for roughly $99.99. However, the shipping is usually mad pricey. I'm stuck! Might just go with the 32G. 

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