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Trophy List - Very varied


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33 minutes ago, Arcesius said:

From the looks of it, it seems like a very varied list. We have different endings, story-related trophies, collectibles, NPC questlines, etc... which already is a great sign, as the game hopefully has quite a bit of content! 


Otherwise... The thumbnail looks weird? Is it really the final one? The game is extremly colorful, it's odd that the thumbnail and trophy icons are this... colorless and generic... 1f914.png Also, I would have bet that the platinum name would be "Voidrunner", but "All done" is fine I guess 1f605.png


I saw collectibles and thought "yes, this is right up my alley!" - Max The Collectible Hunter strikes again! These collectibles seem like a breeze after finding all 132 collectibles in Farming Simulator 22 last week lol.


The art style looks really cool, not too busy, but I'd assume it's a more minimalist style

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16 hours ago, Fr_0zt said:

Looks cool, I'll buy later if it actually turns out good.  Don't like the trophy art, specially the main tile. :/


I came to comment on this too. I like the specific trophy art, but that blocky black trophy for the main tile sucks. Obviously doesn't matter much as long as the game is good.

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I'm currently only missing the location of one of the journals and a location to do Pretty Fly


Aside from the speedrun, nothing is missable. You can reload your save after the ending and it puts you back right before so you can cleanup all the side content. 


Speedrun should be very lenient after you have played through the game once. Someone could probably do a walkthrough where you find everything first go in under 3 hours, blind playthrough looking around everywhere will be about 5 - 6 hours. (Archavia who is helping me with guide did speedrun in about 2 hours) 


Hardcore unlocks after the first playthrough. Difficulty selection during the game only actually affects boss damage phases/anomaly destruction sections, and on Hardcore it just makes the time you have extremely strict restarts you at a checkpoint whenever you take damage, and restarts boss fights if you fully die. So not any sort of no-death thing like was required in HLD, but still quite difficult. Will just require working at it until you get it though because you just retry most stuff immediately. 

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Just got the plat myself. I'd say Solar Ash's Hardcore mode is a bit harder than HLD's NG+, but HLD's 800x Chain Dash trophy is significantly harder than anything Solar Ash has. Hardest bosses on Hardcore mode (IMO) are the 1st, 4th, and 6th.


Speedrun is very lenient, mine clocked in at 1:48. Save scumming is possible, but feels unnecessary for the most part. Here's a tip I can give:


If you're worried about not making the time in the speedrun, you can do the Hardcore and speedrun playthroughs simultaneously. By this, I mean play a small chunk of the game in Hardcore mode (e.g. 2-3 anomalies), then do the same chunk on the speedrun file. This'll minimize the amount of aimless wandering you'll be doing, since you'll know exactly what to do and where to go in the speedrun every time. Also, don't forget to get 100% on your main file first, so that you have access to the Absolution suit for both Hardcore and the speedrun! It's immensely helpful. 


Overall, I'd give Solar Ash a 6/10 difficulty (mainly due to Hardcore. If Hardcore wasn't required, I'd give it a 3), and HLD a 7/10.

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