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New Soundshapes DLC coming soon


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OK they need to start working on Sound Shape 2 because I am sick of beat school levels. This is now just a money grab as they know people will pick this up for the 15 easy silvers (presuming they have ps3/vita/ps4)

Lol I get you.

I would love more levels, but I'm guessing it'll be more Beat School stuff. Still don't really see the point in the Beat School, maybe I'm missing something. :unsure:

I don't know. I think they release the dlc knowing about the trophy hunters. Go to the twitter page, you'll see people glorifying and thanking them for the next pack.

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This is getting out of hand now...the beat school levels suck and everyone just goes to the internet to know the answers, I liked the campaign and death mode but beat school levels are just not fun for me, BUT I don't plan on letting it affect my completion so I'l definitely buy it anyway...GODDAMN OCD!!

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