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beginner friendly plats

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Complete some of the easier plats that you have on your list, like fallout and spiderman.


It helps when you start to have a game you truly enjoy, with a good lore, and fun to complete the related tasks. It will give you a taste for it and motivate you to get others and harder ones in the future.


Just don't go for the easy shovelware shite to get your count up, you'll end up probably regretting it 😉


Good luck and have fun!

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The easiest plats will always be for the games you enjoy. So recommendations can go so far, but in the end if you pick a game from a series or genre you enjoy, the platinum will come naturally.


  • If you like good story-games, you can't go wrong with some games like Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Life is Strange.
  • If you like old-school platforming games, consider the Spyro trilogy.
  • For more action-packed games, Marvel's Spider-Man
  • RPG-wise you could try Persona 5, Final Fantasy 1-6 or even the newer Final Fantasy 16.
  • Or maybe you like simulators, so you can try Farming Simulator or Powerwash Simulator.

Take your pick and remember, games come first, trophies come second.

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