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Sly Ripper

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need better gear!! Lvl 21 warlock, almost 22. tired of people going afk or just hide in a corner halfway thru a boss fight etc. Need some clan member fireteam action /whisper for invite.

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I have to agree with some peoples take on clans, I also fail to see what their purpose is in the game. Raids, Stikes, Crucible, etc your on a fireteam. Fireteams are comprised of anyone that is on your friends list and joins you, or them before the start of a raid/mission etc.

 Bungie has done IMHO a really poor job of explaing the benefits of being in a Clan, over just gaming with people on your friends list. Granted their is about 5 or more trophys that can only be earned when your fighting with clan mates, so only benefit I see is if you want a Plat trophy for your case.


Anyways im on PS3 as I am still waiting for more then just destiny to be out on PS4, once games like Hellblade, The Order, and such drop then I will probably make the switch seeing they free upgrade offer.

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I'm looking for a group to play through Raids on Hard mode next Tuesday (dying is allowed!). I'm a level 22 Striker Titan atm, but will hopefully I'll get to level 26 before tuesday. Look for a session in the next few days.


If anyone wants to play the Crucible with me over the weekend, send me a FR, I'm trying to get the 100 C mark limit for the week :)

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Hey guys, looking for some ps4 players, who play all modes, and more specifically are going for platinum, the raids will be hard, im currently level 24 and in the psnprofile clan, looking for some more friends to get the trophies done as and when they are released, looking forward to playing with you all,



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I'm trying to join, but apparently the max numbers of active members are already full

It's full? Clans don't even serve a purpose in-game so it doesn't matter, just add people to your friends list.

Hey sly, apparently they do, we need to be in the same clan in game to get trophies in strike, maybe they also apply to raid as well.

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