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[Game] Trump My Picture!


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I've seen this game done on other forums, and it made for some moments of comedy sometimes. The aim is to post a picture of something, then the next person posts a picture that would "trump" it, then posts his own picture for the next person to try to trump.


For instance, I could post a pic of a can of soup:



The next person would post a pic of something that could beat a can of soup, like a can opener:


Then post his own pic:



For the next person to trump:





Anyways, I'll start it off nice and easy:


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I totally forgot about Dark Magician Girl. I gotta put her as my avy sometime but with Halloween coming, I have to put a Halloween-related avy. :P



Didn't know what to do with this. Was thinking Iris Heart since her face expression kinda reminded me of Plutia, then I remembered Junko...


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