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This game I love/hate so much, we always make up at the end tho lol well a few tips, for 50 air tris make sure you have a good region 1 map, learn it and if its good enough you should be leaving that region with at least 21 air tris. Believe me I would sometimes even get 24 air tris leaving region 1 and makes your other remaining air tris so much doable. For Apocalypse 4 regions cleared you need a good map layout as well, good would be a portal at the beginning of region 1 and beginning of region 2, region 3 is pretty hard but keep at it'll be over soon lol (I flew thru most of 4 lol I was so scared..xD)

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The apoc map for me last night had a portal right at the beginning of 1, then after 2 obstacles on 2 which was awesome. I could get through 3 on a pretty safe path but it didn't have any boosts so i was nearly out of time when I got to bird 3... Who kept dropping a damn box instead of a boost. I ran out of light 3 times in stage 4 grrrr. This game is definitely addicting. I find working on Apoc for a while really makes the normal mode a lot easier for a bit.

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Initially I thought it wasn't a game for me, so after playing it for 20 minutes I deleted it. But after an hour or so I changed my mind and redownloaded it again and played enough to become level 25 ha!

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I enjoyed this game a lot. I thought the hardest trophy was apocalypse mode. Some tips that you can take or leave:



Apocalypse mode:


Find the portals on the first and second regions. Different portals in region 1 will take you to different areas in region two so find the best strategy for those two. Collect as much sun, jumps and shields during region 3 and then for region 4 jump jump and away. I used magnet, turning attachments and max jumps.


5 mil trophy


After doing apocalypse mode, I found this to be much easier. My advice is to not use any portals in the first two regions. This just takes away from your multiplier when you could be collecting tris. My second tip is to wait until you have a 25 or greater multiplier before using the void. That way you are getting 2500 per tris in the void plus getting your multiplier up to around 40. Then just keep collecting tris, avoiding obstacles and using jumps. Take the safe road. Sometimes it's better to lose sun then avoiding potential crashes.


Good luck everyone :)

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