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Preferred Faction in Skyrim


Preferred faction  

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  1. 1. If you were allowed to join only one faction in Skyrim, what would it be?

    • The Companions
    • The Theives Guild
    • The Dark Brotherhood
    • The College of Winterhold
    • The Imperial Legion
    • The Stormcloak Rebellion

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Companions for RP reasons. Otherwise Imperial Legion since I think it serves Skyrim better with regard to trade and stability. Still they succumbed to the High Elves, that's a minus. Nevertheless, I dislike the egomanic cause of Ulfric tbh. Personal gain framed through nationalist ideals? Not my cup of tea...

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I'd probably say The Guild as my personal preference purely based on the concept, in-game I find all members boring. During the civil war quests, I acted on behalf of the Imperials despite my initial angst towards them after the opening scene. I simply developed a dislike for the Stormcloaks after going to see Ulfric so I could join him, and he reacted as if he felt disgusted, not to mention after doing research I found Ulfric's claims had little backing them up.



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The Imperial Legion, I waited a long time to choose between them and the Stormcloacks by talking to the people.


I made an informed decision and took the Legion's side because the rebellion didn't really seem to have a plan or some kind of vision for the future.


It kind of felt great to defeat these fascists.

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The companions haha i guess it is a bit of a bias here because I like them for the sole fact that I felt like they genuinely accepted me into their family. Aela is also a plus ;D but the first time you encounter them is so natural and idk i felt like they were the most down to earth people x3 a common folk with ambition type of thing x3 plus training archery is good lol

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