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Expected prices for the PS4 games

Aranea Highwind

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Hopefully still $60 if it's higher than that then I will be very sad and broke  :(. I think that they should make digital downloads cheaper to get more people to buying it digitally.  :eyebrow:


A lot of titles on the PSN store for Vita are cheaper than their physical counterparts, so I think we'll see the same thing for the PS4 as well. I agree though, all digital games should be cheaper than physical ones.




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I'm not surprised that games are going to cost about the same. Adjusting game prices for inflation isn't as necessary as it used to be when you consider the fortune that most developers make off DLC. I wouldn't be surprised however, if we saw more complex and expensive DLC on the PS4.

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In Portugal I don't know how much were the PS1 games.

New PS2 games didn't cost over 39.99€ (euros - Europe Coin)

New PS3 games have the price of 59.99€ to 79.99€

Now for PS4 games, I don't know maybe 79.99 to 99.99€. But it's just my opinion. And in that prices I'll never gonna get a PS4 and the games for that. If I do is my brother giving to my younger brother so. Maybe finish the games he gives, but then sell them back. And staying with PS3.

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I think we will be paying slightly more , instead of 60$ it will be 70$ 

Same goes for UK , EU etc , games in the uk are usually 40£ so it will most likely go up to 50£ 

And for the rest of the EU id say 60 euro for a new release . 


I remember paying 70 euros for a new release in spain when the ps3 first came out . 

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