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Mewthree finally appears?

Lady Lilith

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The Newest Pokémon Looks Startlingly Similar to An Old Favorite

Debuting earlier today on Japan's “Pokémon Smash” TV show, the latest pocket monster revealed for Pokémon X and Y bears more than a little resemblance to one of the coolest creatures ever to be stuffed inside a tiny plastic ball. Mewtwo, Brute?

For those of you who don't remember Mewtwo, he was a complete and utter badass. He could kill you with his mind. He looked something like this.


Mewtwo and this new, unnamed Pokémon could be relatives. The main difference is this new guy is (spoiler warning) more aerodynamic, and his tail is on his head.



Wow, they're seriously running out of ideas if they're turning to 10 year old rumors for ideas...

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I came to this topic expecting a outline similar to Lucario, which people thought would be mewthree.  But now that I see this... damn.  If anything, this pokemon is nowhere near as lazy as the two who I think are the worst (Ekans, snake spelled backwards, and Seel, self explanitory).


EDIT: In the link provided, people are speculating that this is maybe an alternative form of Mewtwo?  I wouldn't be suprised if that is the case, though.

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Sorry for making a second post on this but I just thought of this.


Since this is going to be in the new game, it is possible it is not actually an evolution of mewtwo, considering how mewtwo is not a real pokemon. Perhaps there is something mewtwo has to come in contact with in order to change shape, much like deoxis. Mewtwo be like "o ye, wasup, u sii dat towa over dur? ye, I wanna go dur." and so you take your shiny level 100 scumbag mewtwo to that tower and as soon as you enter he changes shape to the new shithead in the original post. Now he lost his shiny state and has a new form. 


SCUMBAG MEWTWO :shakefist:

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the new pokemon could be a new forme for mewtwo or "mewthree", i just don't like the its "ponytail" that it has


i saw a gameplay trailer of the new pokemon and it used moves like blizzard, shadowball, psyshock/psystrike and focus blast ( all of which mewtwo can know)


we will have to wait and see for more news or until the latest Pokemon movie comes out


BTW mewtwo is the OG

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