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Favorite anime opening...


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It kind of sucks at the beginning and then picks up! However, I think it is visually one of the best openings I've seen. Still not as good as bleach op 13 though! xD

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My favorites are currently as follows:

-Cowboy Bebop

-Eden of the East/Higashi no Eden


-Future Diary/Mirai Nikki OP 2


-To Aru Majustsu no Index OP 2 (Both season 1 and 2)

-Date A Live

-Robotics;Notes OP 2

-Both openings of Attack On Titan

-Accel World OP 2

-Sword Art Online OP 1

-Shakugan no Shana OP 1

-Shakugan no Shana III OP 1


...Don't wan't to put too many on here so I'll stop it now.

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There are a lot of favorite anime opening songs.  Some songs was already mentioned by people.  Here's some of my favorite anime openings.  If you like it, check out the anime.  



Welcome to the NHK OP

Puzzle - ROUND TABLE feat. Nino




Honey and Clover OP 1

Dramatic - YUKI




BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad OP

Hit in the USA - Beat Crusaders




Gundam Wing OP 2

Rhythm Emotion - Two-Mix




Noir OP

Coppelia's Casket - ALI Project




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Damn dude...this is the hardest question ever...Can't choose one...but I'll leave here one of my favorites...both song and opening video is awesome and the song fits perfectly with the images going on....


D.Gray-Man 1st opening....dont know the name of the song but I do know that its performed by Abingdon Boys School....those guys are a beast...


Also pretty much every one with Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Aqua Timez in it.

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There alot of Anime openings I like.

Persona 4 The Animation Opening 1 Sky's The Limit

Persona 4 The Animation Opening 2 Key Plus Word

Bleach Opening 2 D-Technolife

Bleach Opening 12 chAngE

Bleach Opening 13 Rambu No Melody

Chou Jigen Game Neptune The Animation Opening 1 & 2 Dimension Tripper

Code Geass The Lelouch of the Rebellion Opening 1 Colors

Code Geass R2 Opening Worlds End

Pokemon Opening 1 Pokemon Theme

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Opening 3 Teardrops

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Opening 4 Precious Times, Glory Days


Working!! Opening 1 Someone Else


Another Opening Kyou Yume Densen


Neon Genisis Evangelion Opening Cruel Angel Thesis 


Azu Manga Daioh Opening Soramimi Cake


Angel Beats Opening My Soul, Your Beats!


K-On! Opening Cagayaki Girls


K-On!! Opening 1 Go!Go!Maniac (Couldn't find the original opening so I found this one)


K-On!! Opening 2 Utauyo Miracle


Right Now I can't think of any actual show openings but i do have alot of game anime openings.
I'm not going to list them all but only like 3 and some actual show openings.

Persona 4 Golden Opening Shadow World

Tales of Graces f Opening Mamoritai (I actually got the music video for the song :D )

RWBY Opening This Will be the Day



Now for actual shows
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Go GO Power Rangers Redux


And Finally...
How could I leave out
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's Opening (Which sadly is copyrighted so I can't get the actual opening but i can still provide the song... the live version)




Well thats my list... I might add to it later if I feel like it.

EDIT: I just realized over did it by a longshot... ごめんなさい。

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Hunter X Hunter (2013) Op.1-Departure!

One Piece Op.1-We Are!

Op.3-Hikare E

Op.6-Brave New World

Op.8-Crazy Rainbow

Op.14-Fight Together

Op.15-We Go!

Eureka 7 Op.1- Days

Eureka 7 AO Op.1-Escape

Fullmetal Alchemist Op.1-Melissa


Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood Op.1-again.


Op.3-Golden Time Lover

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Code Geass Op.1-Colors

Trigun Op.1-H.T.

Naruto Shippuden Op.1-Hero's Come Back!!

And much more.

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