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new patch 1.06 Does it fix things?


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So a new patch is out.


according to the devs "Hello everybody, We're happy to let you know that we have just released an update that will fix the issue with the Death Runs that occured after our previous patch. Now get out there and finish eliminating your enemies on your path to greatness in your Magnum Opus"


Does this fix the platinum? I have still the 1.04 update, since I haven't played the game since the download, so I am wondering, so I can let the console to install the new update, or keep it like that.

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supposedly people are still testing it out. haven't heard much comment other than people asking if it's fixed :(.

edit: some have tested a few races and it's working but not the culprit races they haven't tested those.

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When I read about the glitch I was already very deep in the game. I have 92 locations remaining and 98 locations scouted already (equaling 190/191). I stopped playing when I realized I may be wasting my time. I was hoping to plat the game but its a huge grind and time sink if I already know I am glitched out. Am I wrong about being glitched? Do you get any locations from missions?

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I gladly have to say that this patch COMPLETLY SOLVES THE DEATH RUNS GLITCH


THe previous 1.05 had me stuck for getting my plat ... and stoped playing it 3-4 months ago


Tonigth I could PLAY EVERY DEATH RUN with out problems and finally get the last 3 trophies + the platinum


The only issue is that, if you re-start a race in the middle of it, thakes to long to load the game. INstead of reestar the races, I completly every one of them (finish, exploting, time over) and the game continues normally


Wanted to thank the Warner Bros team for this last patch, even the gane release was around 3 years ago

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