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Subnautica: Below Zero ?


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This was an official post from a year ago, but then I'm guessing 2020 happened to them like it happened to everyone else. There hasn't been anything from them yet to say that it's not going to happen on PS4 yet, but I guess we'll see. They generally tend to release things in their own time :)

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2 hours ago, sealightbreeze said:

I have yet to try this. I liked Abzu and other games. Do the sharks eat you? I  am always scared with underwater games that they will try to eat you

Pretty much everything eats you... on ground or below lol

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There's already a trophy list for the ps4 version. https://www.exophase.com/game/subnautica-below-zero-psn/trophies/

Unfortunately, since january there's a lot of trophy lists that got missed by psnprofiles, about 50 games, maybe more. The list for subnautica below zero appeared on every other sites like 2 weeks ago. I hope it gets fixed someday because it's pretty hard for me to keep track in my own database.


Anyway, I loved Subnautica, I'm really looking forward to play this sequel ^^


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