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Got a broken Xbox One? Punch it.

Lady Lilith

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This fix isn't exactly elegant. And it's far from guaranteed to work, since only a handful of people have had success with it. But if your Xbox One has a busted disc drive, and you want to try fixing it in the most awesome way possible, flip it over and punch it. Hard.P

There have been a few reports of this method working, the best one summed up in Dave D's video below, which theorises that the culprit is a gear in the loading mechanism that can be "realigned" with a little force.P

And hey, as you can see in the vid, it worked for Dave. Though remember, it may not/probably won't work for you!


That's kind of an amazing fix.  Probably not intended, but still pretty great.


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That's not a very good idea. It might work, but if you end up cracking it or punching a hole in it, it won't be covered under warranty anymore. Since it's intentional, physical, damage. You could also just end up causing more damage. So, unless you have an extra $500 lying around, you should just call Microsoft and wait for the replacement. Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed can wait, I'm sure. It is kind of funny though.

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